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Tucson Pest Control at Fair and Affordable Prices

Tucson Pest Control at Fair and Affordable Prices


All products used by Essential are designed to reduce mammalian toxicity (safer for people and pets)
Our chemicals target an insect’s nervous system, which is physiologically different than humans
All our products go through rigorous testing in labs prior to home use (often a decade of research)
We use different chemistries for different pests; from a simple soapy water for bees, to organic chemistries for crawling insets, even salts and minerals for plants


Understanding an insect’s biology is critical in controlling pest outbreaks

Lifecycles of bugs; treating in the proper life stage with larvicides and adulticides
Behavior understanding where bugs live, hide, habitat and feed
Selecting control strategies based on habits like traps, baits, and insecticides
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Plant biology is important too!
Understanding the growth cycles of plants and seasonality to control unwanted weeds
Life cycle of the mosquito
The lifespan of a Mosquito


Pest control is about balancing the elimination of unwanted pests without harming the environment
Preventing environmental impacts through limited applications in or around the structure
Reducing impact with proper usage, spill prevention, safe transport, and disposal of containers
We have to understand weather & seasonality to protect water sources, and animals from exposure


We utilize Eco Friendly Technologies that provide convenience and a superior customer experience

A robust routing system to save fuel and time
An integrated database to manage clients, accessible by technicians in the field
GPS, hand held scanning, time stamps, and assorted tools ensuring accountability to the client
We look to the future!
We at Essential Pest Control continually learn new technologies and meet heavy regulatory burdens to meet the demands of the future
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