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Pigeon Removal in Tucson


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Pigeon Removal & Control in Tucson

Businesses and residents alike face bird issues throughout the Tucson area. Birds are common and can be quite destructive, messy and create a serious health concern, especially pigeons. Pigeons are often called “rats of the skies,” because they are associated with filth. An example of their filthy habits includes nesting in their own feces, which leads to mites, parasites, and disease that can affect humans. Their feces is also very acidic and can cause damage and staining of most surfaces, thus pigeons are the nuisance pest of the skies.

Issues that birds create:

• Roosting or nesting around roofs or attics
• Wrecking vegetation and contaminating foods
• Diseases or ectoparasites affecting man including histoplasmosis and
• Create unpleasant or hazardous working conditions
• Permanently damage buildings and property.
• Can quickly build excessive populations, that exponentiate other issues

Pigeon control in Tucson can often be difficult due to several factors. Each building is unique offering many nesting sites under solar panels, coolers, AC units, signs, eaves, gutters, and a dozen other potential nesting areas. Often these areas are high and inaccessible. Combined with a bird’s strong homing and nesting instincts, birds are not easily discouraged from their nesting site.

As a result, pigeon control in Tucson is complex and requires several steps. Luckily, Essential Pest Control is here to help. As the experts on pigeon removal in Tucson, our trained technicians are proficient in the following services.

Pigeon Trapping & Removal – Pigeon trappers are essential to reduce populations and bird pressure. We use specialized pigeon trappers, placed out of the range and view of people. Utilizing pre-baiting techniques and proper baiting strategies that can reduce bird populations by 90% plus within just a few weeks.

Power Washing, Disinfecting, and Cleaning – Before any bird exclusion device can be effectively installed the area needs to be cleaned of feces and other bird debris. We have equipment, solvents, and disinfectants that can break down and neutralize harmful feces. Not to mention, the vast improvement of the aesthetics of cleaning the mess. Due to health concerns, this does require protective clothing and respirators by Essential Pest technicians.  If you have questions about the process, contact us to learn more about the pigeon control Tucson residents have relied on since 1981.

Installation of Bird Exclusion Devices – Each building is unique, so craftsmanship, installation, and experience are important to prevent damage to the building or failure of the devices installed. Examples include Bird Net, to cover big open areas preventing birds from landing or entering areas, ledge exclusion devices like bird wire, coil, electric shock, and spike, and specialty devices for unique structural elements like lights, ac units, and other protruding building features. The most important element of bird exclusion is to ensure effective bird deterrence while marinating the aesthetics of the building. We don’t want clients or friends noticing your bird exclusion devices.

Pigeon control, elimination, clean-up, and physical exclusion is difficult work, requiring a high degree of experience and knowledge. We at Essential Pest Control take pride in our craftsmanship and experience in every job we do, especially our pigeon removal in Tucson.

Call us today for an inspection and get rid of those pesky birds.
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