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Weed Control Service Tucson

A great deal of time, effort, and investment is made in the creation of beautiful yards, lawns, and associated areas around homes in Tucson. These areas, however, are under constant bombardment from unwanted weed seedlings blowing in or being carried in by birds or animals. This is caused by the desert environment which is a natural part of a plant’s reproductive process. Weeds can be hard to control, and weed control service begins with proper knowledge of how to get rid of weeds. Essential Pest Control is here to offer the weed control service Tucson homeowners love.

This natural occurrence, unfortunately, causes a host of unsightly weeds to sprout in yards, gardens, sidewalk cracks, and other areas. As a result, property owners end up spending a significant amount of time and effort pulling and removing weeds instead of relaxing and enjoying the views of their properties. A great deal of time and annoyance can be saved by utilizing professional weed removal service through Essential Pest Control.

Do you find pulling weeds overwhelming? Want to save time and effort? Let Essential Pest Control’s licensed technicians eliminate your weed problem. Essential offers the comprehensive chemical weed control with pre-emergent herbicide service. Tucson residents trust Essential Pest to eliminate those unsightly weeds.

Our weed control service kills existing weeds and prohibits any remaining seedlings from growing with pre-emergent control, including hard-to-control weeds such as Puncturevine, Spurge, Russian Thistle, London Rocket, Bermuda Grass, and more. When you are looking for weed control near you, call our experts at Essential Pest.

We offer:

• Weed Control Pre emergent herbicide stops existing seeds from germinating
• Weed Control Post-emergent herbicide – kills weeds, both existing and visible
• Soil Sterilants – stops all weed growth for an extended period (commercial sites)
• Pre-paving – applied under asphalt

How do weeds get there?

Weed seeds can be transported by wind, water, animals, soil amendments, or even poor-quality grass seed, especially in areas that have native deserts neighboring the property.

Once the weeds are on your property, they can be tough to get rid of, as they tend to spread. Even if you think you pulled them for good, many can grow back from bits and pieces of Rhizomes and Stolons left in the soil. Weed seeds can also remain dormant for several years before they begin to grow depending on the species. The seeds need to reach the soil's surface and get proper sunlight and moisture before they can germinate.

How it works:

A weed removal service is often a two-stage process. An initial application of a pre-emergent and a second of post-emergent.

Pre-emergent herbicides are designed for application before the targeted weed germinates. They are an effective preventative method for controlling weeds. Pre-emergent herbicides establish a chemical barrier that doesn't kill established plants, but rather stops seed germination of plants. They are best used as a preventative measure. The protective barrier breaks down in four-six months, when applied properly. Timing is important to take advantage of seasonal growth and also natural rains to incorporate the chemical deeper into the soil. Timing is important for the herbicide to be effective. It is best to apply before the growing season starts and may require homeowners to water the product in for best results if the weather and timing aren’t ideal.

Post-emergent herbicides attack weeds that are already growing. All contact weed killers are post-emergents. This can take multiple applications for a complete treatment due to a weed’s growth cycle. Some weeds can be eliminated immediately, others may take time for the chemical to translocate to roots to prevent re-growth. Sometimes weeds may have germinated but haven’t poked up through the soil or gravel. Thus, need time to grow to be exposed for an applicator to kill. A good post-emergent program will require continued maintenance.
Weed Control Tucson
An effective weed control program provides a weed control service that kills existing weeds and prohibits any remaining seedlings from growing. Essential’s experts are here to help. Let Essential Pest keep your yard beautiful and weed-free with the weed spray service Tucson depends on. Call today to schedule your weed spray service in Tucson.
Weed Control Services Tucson
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