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Winning the Battle Against Bed Bugs: Prevention, Detection, and Elimination Strategies

April 3, 2023

Bed bugs are very small and are extremely difficult to detect and eliminate because they hide in cracks and crevices of mattresses, furniture, walls, and furnishings around sleeping areas, only exiting to feed. They also multiply rapidly which can present major bed bug infestation problems in a short period of time. 

The relocation of bed bugs is another problem. The insects tend to thrive in hotels and multi-unit housing complexes due to the large, frequent, and often unsanitary guests. Bed bugs can easily spread from such establishments to homes because they are highly transient, hitching rides on the luggage, furniture, personal belongings, and pets of those who travel or visit friends, which is why Essential Pest offers residential and commercial bed bug treatment solutions.

Arizona Laws For Bed Bugs

Rescuing a free mattress or recliner from an alley can be tempting if you’re looking to furnish your apartment cheap, but it can also lead to uninvited pests. In particular, these free furniture pieces may carry Bed Bugs and their eggs, which are permanent until Tucson pest control services are contacted. If you are currently dealing with an apartment Bed Bug infestation, Arizona is one of the few states that has developed laws on the appropriate way to address bed bugs in apartments.

Notify your apartment manager

In Arizona, there are specific Bed Bug rules that a landlord and tenant must follow. Bed Bugs can easily spread to more than one apartment, so managers are legally required to hire a licensed exterminator to treat the problem.

The sooner you notify your apartment manager, the sooner he or she can hire a Tucson exterminator and prevent the Bed Bug infestation from spreading. Your apartment manager will also be able to brief you on the apartment complex’s specific protocol for treating Bed Bugs.

Avoid over-the-counter treatment

Trying out over-the-counter treatments on your own can make the problem worse. Many of the Bed Bug insecticides or hardware pesticides won’t be able to effectively remove the infestation. In the meantime, waiting to notify management gives the Bed Bug infestation time to spread to other nearby apartments. If you fail to follow the correct legal procedures of promptly notifying your manager, you may be liable for the costs of treating other affected apartments.

Communicate with management

Your manager will work with you to treat your Bed Bug infestation. Once you notify him or her of the infestation, you can also ask for advice on treating your personal items, like clothing and furniture. It’s usually recommended that you treat your clothing and sheets in hot water.Essential Pest Management has developed a Power Pest Program to deal with unwanted desert invaders.

We customize our Tucson pest control services based on the construction, location, and desert pressure of the building. For more information about our extermination services, please contact us at (520) 886-3029.

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