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What Attracts Pigeons to a Yard?

July 20, 2023

Pigeons have gotten a romanticized reputation over the years. Although a group of pigeons peacefully strutting around a park might seem cute, when these birds seek out your home as a nesting ground, you'll have problems. This tends to be an issue in urban areas, as this is where pigeons like to congregate. The problem is that pigeons nest in their own feces. This leads to a host of problems including mites, parasites, and the spread of disease. This is why many people seek out professional services for pigeon control. Let's learn more about what might be attracting pigeons to your property.

Flat Nesting Areas

One of the things that pigeons will look for is nice, flat areas for nesting. They are unique in this respect. A pigeon needs one square foot of flat space to build a nest. They also prefer places that would provide three walls and a roof around them. This is why you often see them nesting in places like eaves, roof overhangs, and overpasses. If your home or property provides these types of spaces, you might wind up attracting a pigeon population and be in need of pigeon control.

Sheltering Roofs

Pigeons like to be sheltered. This means that even if they aren't necessarily nesting at the time, they will still congregate in areas that provide a roof. An awning, gazebo, or roof overhang can attract large groups of pigeons for sleeping purposes. Although at first, this might sound adorable, the truth is that these birds can really damage your yard, your structures, and spread diseases and parasites to other living things on your property, including people.

Easy Food Sources

As with all animals, easily available food will definitely attract pigeons. Pigeons are not disposed to hunt long for food, as generations of pigeons have depended on the discards of humans in highly populated areas. This has led to a genetic disposition to move along to another location if there is not easily available food that doesn't require much work. If there is any type of easy food source on your property, such as animal feed, it could contribute to your pigeon problem.

If pigeons have become a problem on your property, exterminators can help with pigeon removal. You can start to make your property less attractive to pigeons, but professionals can come in with proven techniques to help safely, and humanely, get pigeons moved out. If you are in need of pigeon control, or other types of pest control, please contact Essential Pest Control today.

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