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Weed Control in Tucson

March 16, 2022

Weed Control

An overlooked pest that can affect your allergies, and make an unsightly yard are weeds. So, when it comes to fighting weeds and weed control in Tucson, offence is the best defense.

How do they get there?

Weed seeds can be transported by wind, water, animals, soil amendments, or even poor quality grass seed. Once they’re in your property, the weeds will spread around. Even if you think they are gone for good, they can grow back again. This is because weeds can remain dormant in a lawn for up to several years before they begin to grow. The seeds need to reach the soil's surface and get proper sunlight and moisture before they can germinate.

One of the most common ways to control unwanted weed growth is Herbicides with either pre-emergent or post-emergent

Pre-emergent herbicides are designed for application before the targeted weed germinates. They are an effective preventative method for controlling weeds. Pre-emergent herbicides establish a chemical barrier that doesn't kill established plants. They are best used as a preventative measure. The protective barrier breaks down in six to eight weeks, so proper timing is needed for the herbicide to be effective. It is best to apply it early in the season.

Post-emergent herbicides attack weeds that are already growing. All contact weed killers are post-emergent. It is best to apply post-emergent later in the growing season, after weeds have begun to grow but before they seed.

At Essential Pest Control, we know the best ways to get rid of Arizona weeds and make sure they stay gone. Whether you’re a homeowner with a yard full of weeds or a business with 100 acres that need treatment, we can help with weed control in Tucson.

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