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Vet Meds Have Potential Against Bed Bugs

December 7, 2022

Two readily available drugs that veterinarians use to kill parasites on pets could be a solution to getting rid of bed bugs. Both fluralaner and ivermectin, medications used to kill fleas and ticks on pets, could also kill bed bugs. The newer, longer lasting fluralaner showed very strong potential.

This new research comes from a North Carolina State University (NCSU) study that examined the drugs and their effectiveness in controlling bed bug populations on poultry farms.

Veterinary scientists, along with entomologists from NC State's College of Veterinary Medicine tested bed bug death rates in different experiments. One included mixing blood with each of the drugs on a lab bench letting bed bugs consume it. In another test, bed bugs fed on chickens who received the treatments topically or through ingestion.

Both drugs killed most bed bugs and Fluralaner worked even better on bed bugs that showed resistance to common insecticides. Fluralaner was also highly effective at killing bed bugs that fed on chickens. Ivermectin did not work in that experiment, possibly because the chickens quickly clear that drug from their systems, the study authors noted.

Fluralaner is new and mostly used for companion animals, Europe and Australia have approved it for use in the poultry industry. Ivermectin is used on household pets, larger animals and for anti-parasitic purposes in humans, particularly in Africa.

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