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The Problem of and Solution for Africanized Bees

May 2, 2022

Africanized Honey Bees were introduced into Southern Arizona in the early 1990s. These bees are very beneficial to our environment because they are excellent pollinators. However, Africanized Bees are known to be very aggressive and relentless when their hive is disturbed.

The spring season in Southern Arizona is the beginning of a new life cycle for the Africanized Bees. Established colonies produce an influx of worker Bees and several new queens. These new bees will group together and leave the hive in search of a new home. This group of bees is referred to as a “swarm.” A swarm will travel during the daytime hours. The Bees will often stop and rest during this process on a tree branch or a shady side of a home. This looks like a big ball of bees. While resting, scout bees are searching for a place the colony can move into for their new home. They often pick structural voids in houses and buildings. Once the colony moves in, they begin to build their hive and produce honey.

The Africanized Honey Bee becomes very dangerous as their hive becomes more and more established. They have developed this strong genetic need to protect their home over thousands of years in Africa. These bees become very sensitive to noise, vibrations, and simply getting too close to a hive can cause an outbreak of attacking bees. Unfortunately, lives have been lost due to these bees. Africanized Honey Bees should only be dealt with by a trained professional.

The Problem with Bees

Bee colonies located in or around your business can present a variety of problems. Honey bee hives can contain between 20,000 and 80,000 bees and weigh in excess of a hundred pounds which can cause a great deal of damage to building structures as well as present a very real danger to employees and customers. Some types of bees are more docile while others tend to be quite aggressive.

The majority of calls for commercial bee control tend to be for honey bees. Africanized honey bees are extremely aggressive and are well established in southern U.S. states. Honey bees of any species seek out hollowed trees and other void areas to build their nests, including large voids in the walls and ceilings of buildings. Each species presents a viable problem and identifying which kind has invaded your property can be difficult.

Solutions for Africanized Honey Bees

If Essential’s bee control experts determine that your property has become infested with Africanized Honey Bees then special treatment is required to handle this aggressive and dangerous species. Due to their aggressive natures, Africanized Honey Bees will attack humans and animals that venture in the general proximity of their nests. This presents a serious concern and liability for commercial property owners and managers since unsuspecting tenants, residents, employees, clients, or pets are under threat. Serious injury can occur to those attacked and multiple deaths have even been documented.

The Essential Difference

It is therefore imperative that professional commercial bee removal be called upon to rid properties of Africanized bees. It is highly recommended that employees, managers, or owners not attempt the removal of bee infestations, but call experts such as Essential Pest Control for assistance.

With years of experience and training, Essential’s licensed technicians can handle any bee problem. We provide a quick response combined with professional and knowledgeable service for all types of commercial bee control. Essential offers more than simple bee removal services. We also educate clients, provide preventative programs, and offer lasting solutions to prevent future problems.

Essential Pest Control Offers

  • Fast Response and Reasonable Rates
  • Comb and Honey Removal
  • Property Surveys
  • Elimination of Wasps and Other Stinging Insects
  • Bee Control Tucson and Removal
  • Pheromone Bee Trapping
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

Essential Pest Management offers 24-hour emergency Bee removal services. Don’t take a chance if you see Bees show up on your property. We can take care of swarms, hives, and remove honeycomb. Also, we offer trapping and exclusion services to prevent Bee problems.

Call Essential Pest Control today for Tucson pest control at fair and affordable prices! (520) 886-3029.

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