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The Costs of Infestations in Your Home

August 22, 2023

When most people think of the cost of an infestation, they imagine the price of services like termite control. However, the total cost is much higher than just the removal cost. Instead, you’ll have to deal with several other costs contributing to the high price.

Infestation Removal

The main cost may be the infestation removal. While this is not the only cost you’ll have to deal with, it’s one of them. For severe infestations, professionals must come to your house multiple times. Specific services, like termite control, may be more expensive than rodent removal because of the effort and products necessary.

Structural Damage

Termite control might help eradicate the pests, but that doesn’t completely solve the problem. Realty Times says termites damage about 600,000 homes nationwide every year. Once the infestation is gone, you’ll have to pay the additional cost of structural repair. How much this cost depends on how extensive the damage is.

Food Replacement

Other pests and rodents might not cause damage to your house, but you’ll still have to pay the price for them to move into your home. Food not stored in airtight containers will likely become lunch or dinner for a mouse family, and you’ll have to replace it. If roaches get into food, you’ll have to toss it because they carry so much bacteria.

Temporary Relocation

You may have to move into a hotel for severe infestations while pest control experts go to work. Relocation is necessary for some families who may not feel comfortable living with a mild infestation. However, temporary relocation efforts can be expensive. Most families will spend hundreds of dollars to move to a hotel for one week.

Prevention Services

Once an infestation is eradicated, you’re not done yet. Termite services might eliminate the pests, but you’ll also need to ensure they don’t return. This is especially important in urban areas where pests can quickly move from one house to another. However, prevention services are not free.

Pest infestations cost much more than the original cost of removing the problem. Contact a professional as soon as you see signs of a problem to minimize damage and the price that comes with it. We offer termite solutions, rodent removal, pest control, and many other services. Contact Essential Pest to learn more today!

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