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How Weeds Grow and How to Stop Them

January 29, 2024

Weeds can be a nuisance. They can take over a garden in weeks, quickly transforming it from excellent to an eyesore. No one likes weeds, but for many homeowners, they seem impossible to eliminate. Enacting an effective weed control strategy starts with understanding how weeds grow. Let's take a look.


Weeds start with seeds. These seeds are spread through wind or from other weeds. Then, they slowly take root in the soil and grow, just like the seeds from flowers or vegetables. Once the seeds grow into weeds, the weeds will continue to germinate.


Many weeds survive by using the nutrients in the soil that are supposed to go to your garden. According to the Weed Science Society of America, over 240 weed species are allelopathic, which means their chemicals can negatively impact the growth of nearby plants. Once those plants are dead, that leaves more nutrients for the weeds.


There are various types of weed control products that will kill the weeds in your garden while protecting the plants you want to be growing there. However, keep in mind that attempting to use these products on your own can have disastrous results. Working with qualified professionals is essential to ensure you don't accidentally kill your plants.


If you only have one or two weeds in your garden, you can pull them out. That can help delay the spread of weeds. You have to grab weeds at the bottom of the plant towards the ground to ensure you pull the root out. If you leave the root in the ground, the weed will regrow. While you can pull visible weeds out yourself, you'll need to utilize professional weed control services for all the seeds that will still grow.


Mulching is a common way to prevent weeds before they arise. Putting a layer of mulch in your flower beds ensures that sunlight doesn't reach the ground. Some people use black garden paper underneath mulch as an additional layer of protection. This ensures the seeds in your yard can't develop roots and thrive.

We understand that weeds can be a hassle. These plants are an eyesore, and they can also hurt the surrounding plants. Our professional team at Essential Pest Control can help you tackle your weed problem to keep your garden healthy and beautiful. Contact us today to learn more.

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