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How to Detect and Treat Residential Termites

November 6, 2023

Subterranean termites pose a significant threat to residential areas, silently causing extensive damage to the structure of homes. Therefore, identifying and treating these elusive pests requires expertise and precision.

Essential Pest Control specializes in the detection, treatment, and eradication of subterranean termites, safeguarding your home from their destructive presence. With state-of-the-art technology and a team of experienced professionals, Essential Pest Control provides comprehensive solutions to protect your residence against termite infestations. Read on to learn more about termites.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites are the most destructive insect in the world. In the United States, they do billions of dollars in damage. In nature, termites serve as housekeepers of the desert, consuming and breaking down decaying wood. On the other hand, in the urban environment, these termites feed on the wood in the home including lumber, drywall paper, cardboard, furniture, or any cellulose material.

Structures are an ideal food source for these insects. In addition, many home irrigation systems serve as a much-needed moisture source for termites.

How to Detect Termites in Your Home

Typical evidence of termite activity looks like mud shelter tubes. These tubes are used as roadways into the structure for termites to forage on the wood and return to the soil where they live. Shelter tubes typically can be found on the exterior stem wall, interior drywall, or drop down from the ceiling. Upon discovery of termite activity, a termite treatment will need to be done to protect the home.

Treatment Methods

Treatment of termites will depend upon the construction of the home and the personal preferences of the homeowner. There are two treatment options; a conventional liquid treatment or a termite baiting system.

Liquid Chemical Treatment

Liquid termiticides are chemical barriers applied around the property intended to repel or kill termites that come in contact with the barrier.

Termite Baiting System

The Sentricon Baiting System is designed to eliminate all the termites attacking the structure. With no termites, barriers become unnecessary.

Whether you have an existing termite problem or just want a preventive inspection, Call Essential Pest Control today for Tucson pest control at fair and affordable prices! (520) 886-3029.

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