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How Common Pests Harm Your Pets

June 2, 2024

Pests are a nuisance in any home, and they can cause numerous problems to your beloved pets if you don't invest in quality pest control services. Certain vermin like to bite your dogs and cats even more than they do humans, and rodents and insects can spread diseases to your furry friends. Here are ways common pests harm your pets

Tick Bites

Your dog has likely been a target of ticks at some point. Ticks can easily hide in your landscape, especially if you have overgrown grass. They may even latch on after jumping from another animal that your dog has been around. These bloodsucking insects can spread Lyme disease to your animals, as well as to humans. Ticks are especially annoying because, unlike mosquitoes, they don't just bite and fly away. Their mouthparts are embedded into animal skin and stay there for several days or until removal. Rocky Mountain spotted fever and ehrlichiosis are other diseases these insects can spread once they latch onto your pet. Pest control professionals can treat your lawn to eliminate tick problems.


If you see your poor pup or cat excessively scratching, it's likely due to an infestation of fleas. Fleas are bloodsucking insects that infest a pet’s fur. Some flea infestations may be so bad they may cause skin irritation from your pet nipping at the flea bites and scratching themselves raw. These insects also transmit tapeworms to their host. Be extra careful if your pet is young, as some bitten kittens have developed anemia due to excessive blood loss from a feeding flea.


According to Business Wire, about 500,000 people rush to the emergency room from insect bites and stings annually. Some of those visits may be from mosquitos spreading malaria or West Nile virus. Mosquito bites are irritating and can cause any human or animal to scratch constantly. Additionally, pets can be further affected due to the transmission of heartworms that affect animals' hearts and lungs


These vermin can multiply quickly, as they have several litters in one year. They annoy your pests by carrying parasites like leptospirosis, affecting the liver and kidneys. Rodents in search of food can contaminate feeding and water bowls, so keep that area as clean as possible when your animal isn't eating.

Essential Pest Control has been in business since 1981. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau because we take our pest control seriously. Make life easier for yourself and your pets by calling us today.

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