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Debunking 3 Common Myths About Bed Bugs

October 23, 2023

There's a lot of misinformation and confusion when it comes to bed bugs. According to Pest World Magazine, 84% of bed bug exterminator service providers report that they've been contacted by clients thinking they had a different kind of pest when it turned out to be bed bugs. If you have a pest problem, no matter the type, it's important to call an exterminator right away. Here are a few incorrect myths that are part of the misinformation problem when it comes to bed bugs.

Myth 1: A Foam Mattress Will Protect You

Unfortunately, this myth isn't true. While bed bugs can't live in a foam mattress, they can still survive in areas around the bed like the frame and other areas where they can still bite you. The same is true of mattress covers. As effective as they are in preventing bed bugs from burrowing in your mattress, they won't prevent them from taking up residence in your home. Be sure to call a professional exterminator at the first sign of a bug problem.

Myth 2: If You Get Bed Bugs, You Have to Throw Away Everything in Your Home

Because heat is used to kill bed bugs, they can be eradicated from all areas of your home. Your exterminator will treat all areas of the home where the bugs are living. Once they complete your surface, your belongings will need a good washing, but it won't be necessary to throw everything away. Bed bugs tend to affect soft surfaces and items. For example, it's highly unlikely that they'll be found in your television set.

Myth 3: You Only Need One Visit from a Bed Bug Exterminator to Eradicate the Problem

Unfortunately, in our team's experience, bed bugs are able to live up to four months. Most exterminators include a follow-up appointment with their bed bug services. In addition to the first two calls, many situations call for two or three more. The number of treatments necessary will depend on the severity of the problem and the size of your home. If you think you have a bed bug problem, call to have them exterminated immediately.

When you need a safe and reliable local bed bug exterminator, Essential Pest Control is the company to call. Our team is fully trained, and our services are highly effective. Call us today if you're having a pest problem. We'll take care of it as soon as possible!

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