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Bees in Arizona Have Their Way at Dutch Bros

January 24, 2023

Bees in Arizona Have Their Way at Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros -the popular coffee and caffeinated drive-thru drink giants, who have grown tremendously in the last two years is having plenty of success. According to fast-food trade magazine QSR, Dutch Brothers opened 133 stores last year with a total of 671 locations in 14 states.

And the bees have taken notice.

locations in Arizona have noticed bees swarming around Dutch Bros drive-thru lanes across the Phoenix metro area. The major attraction for the bees - Coffee syrup.

These Dutch Bros caffeinated liquid delights rely on the sweet, artificially flavored corn syrup. The open windows of drive-thru coffee hutches give bees easy access, and what follows sounds a lot like insect mayhem.

A freelance beekeeper was hired to remove hives from the source of temptation, until Dutch Bros canceled its contract. Their response, “Dutch Bros uses a professional service to identify and address hives within a several-mile radius of our shops. We do our best to be responsive to issues surrounding bees and ensure we’re meeting the needs of our customers and crews. Thanks.”

It is possible that there are bee problems in other states as well.

If you are aware of any potentially dangerous areas involving bees, give Essential a call 520-886-3029. We provide bee control for both commercial and residential locations.

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