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5 Ways to Prevent Mice Infestations

August 21, 2023

A single mouse can quickly turn into an entire infestation. According to WebMD, one mouse can produce up to 35 babies yearly. This means that a couple of mice can easily become a massive problem. It’s best to use these tips to prevent infestations before they happen.

1. Rodent Removal

When you spot one mouse, contacting a company offering rodent removal services is essential. They’ll carefully inspect your home for other signs of mice, like mice droppings. Getting an early start ensures a couple of mice don’t turn into several families calling your home their own.

2. Fill Cracks and Gaps

When the weather gets too cold, mice will try squeezing through any cracks they can find. They may even climb trees to make your attic their new nest, and you might find a few new roommates in your basement if gaps are along the foundation. Sealing any cracks in your house will prevent this. Most rodent removal services can help you with this task.

3. Proper Food Storage

Mice prefer homes that are warm and offer ample food. Sealing food properly helps ensure that mice can’t get into it. Pick up air-tight glass or thick plastic containers that mice can’t chew through to get to your food. Cardboard boxes, conversely, can easily be chewed through.

4. Declutter Your House

Mice prefer to make a cozy home without being bothered or noticed. That is why it’s common to find mice in an attic. Most people don’t go in their attic daily, and this area often has lots of clutter. Take the time to organize your home and donate anything you won’t use again to a local charity. Mice that can’t find a place to make a nest are more likely to look elsewhere.

5. Clean Up the Yard

Mice won’t just come inside to find a new home; they’ll also make a nest in your yard. Ensure that garbage is in sealed bins that rodents can’t get into. Store firewood and other piles of materials that can keep mice warm far away from the house. Finally, eliminate brush and weeds so mice can’t hide in them.

These small steps can go a long way in preventing a mouse infestation. If you notice any signs that mice may have gotten into your home, contact Essential Pest Control for rodent removal ASAP. We’ll work with you to eliminate the problem.

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