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4 Reasons Why Pigeons Love Your House

February 20, 2024

You may have noticed some new feathered visitors hanging around your home lately. Pigeons seem to love making themselves at home on rooftops, ledges, and patios, much to homeowners' annoyance. But why do pigeons take such a liking to our houses? Here are four reasons pigeons are attracted to your property and how you can convince them to go elsewhere.

1. They're Looking for Somewhere to Nest

Pigeons are always on the hunt for good nesting spots to raise their young. The nooks and crannies of your home provide sheltered areas protected from predators and harsh weather. Pigeons will gather sticks and materials to craft flimsy nests on any ledge or surface they can find. Getting professional pigeon removal services to install deterrents or block access can prevent them from moving in.

2. Your Home Offers Great Views

Your high roof and tall trees give pigeons an ideal vantage point to survey their surroundings for food sources and keep watch for predators. Pigeons want to feel safe when resting and caring for their nests. Denying them roof access with wire mesh or pole barn-style barriers can remove their prime viewing platforms.

3. Crumbs and Debris Attract Them

Pigeons are opportunistic eaters, attracted to readily available food sources high in carbs and fat like bread, chips, and seeds. They flock anywhere they can easily forage for snacks, such as under your bird feeder or picnic table. Keeping your property free of leftover food and maintaining yard debris removal minimizes anything that might grab those pigeons' attention.

4. Your Chimney Makes for a Cozy Home

Pigeons are cavity nesters by nature, making a chimney flue the perfect substitute for a hollow tree. They can easily build their stick nests inside the shelter of your chimney where predators can't reach. But the fluttering, cooing, and waste can be a nuisance coming from inside your walls. Professional chimney caps from pigeon removal services can block their entry completely.

According to the American Bird Conservancy, the U.S. and Canada are home to 12 species of pigeons and doves. While these birds may be beautiful in the wild, you don't want any of them on your property. By understanding what appeals to pigeons about your home and working with professional pigeon removal services, you can discourage them from moving in with you. Call Essential Pest Control for help if pigeons are attracted to your home.

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