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4 of the Most Common Weeds in Arizona

September 28, 2023

Arizona has a beautiful landscape full of diversity. Residents can enjoy mountains, streams, deserts, and valleys. However, this also means that Arizona has various weeds that must be removed. According to the Weed Science Society of America, over 240 weed species are categorized as allelopathic. This means that the chemicals from the weeds can hurt nearby plants. Contact local weed removal services if you notice these weeds growing.

1. Ragweed

Several species of ragweed are found in Arizona, especially in northern Arizona. This plant is known for triggering allergies. It is particularly irritating for anyone who already suffers from allergies. Ragweed is an invasive plant that can spread quickly. It’ll steal resources from nearby plants, making them malnourished. A local weed removal service can help you get it under control.

2. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are known for their beautiful appearance. We can’t help but love how they face each other when they can’t find the sun. However, sunflowers are often classified as a weed instead of a flower. These plants can show up by themselves seemingly out of nowhere and are another invasive plant. Arizona sunflowers can quickly take over your garden, stealing resources and blocking other plants from getting natural light.

3. Diffuse Knapweed

Diffuse knapweed is classified as a noxious weed. A noxious weed can hurt nearby animals and plants. They may result in lower yields from crops. Large quantities of them can decrease property value. Diffuse knapweed can change the soil around it, resulting in a new pH balance. This makes it challenging for other plants to grow in the ground. Knapweed slowly destroys ecosystems, making it necessary to seek professional help from a company that specializes in weed removal.

4. Buffelgrass

Buffelgrass was planted in various areas in Arizona throughout the '80s to help control soil erosion. However, now it’s also classified as a noxious weed. Buffelgrass can quickly grow out of control, spreading at an alarming rate. It quickly makes it impossible for other plants to grow in the soil, just like diffuse knapweed. It’s crucial to seek professional help when you notice buffelgrass growing on your property to ensure it doesn’t take over your lawn and garden.

At Essential Pest Control, we offer professional weed control services to help you keep your lawn and garden beautiful. Contact us if you notice noxious weeds growing on your property. We’ll help eradicate the problem before it grows out of control.

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