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4 Common Types of Household Flies

November 17, 2023

As you probably know all too well, flies can be a major nuisance in your home. While all flies may seem the same to you, several different species may be buzzing around your house. Understanding the most common culprits can help you better protect your home and family and determine when to call in exterminators.

1. The Housefly

The common housefly is likely the one you see most often. These pests are drawn to places where there is human and animal waste, food waste, and garbage. They carry diseases and spread bacteria rapidly as they move from filth to your countertops and dishes. Houseflies have two wings and are dull gray or black with lighter gray stripes on their abdomen.

2. Fruit Flies

You've likely seen tiny fruit flies swarming over a bowl of overripe fruit or hovering around your trash can. As their name suggests, these flies feed on produce and other decaying, fermenting organic material. They breed rapidly, so an infestation can quickly get out of hand. Fruit flies are much smaller than houseflies. They have red eyes, yellow-brown bodies, and patterned wings.

3. Drain Flies

Drain flies are another tiny fly species that can invade your home. As their name suggests, they breed in drains, sewers, and other damp, organic environments. You may notice them around the sink, shower, and tub drains. Drain flies are fragile with long legs and antennae, short wings, and fuzzy bodies. They don't pose a health risk, but an infestation can be frustrating to deal with. Hiring exterminators is the best way to deal with them.

4. Cluster Flies

From late summer through early spring, cluster flies may move indoors seeking warmth and shelter. They form large groupings or “clusters” inside, often in attics or wall voids. Cluster flies are larger and darker than houseflies and have a distinctive yellowish coloring behind their heads. They don't breed or feed inside but can be a nuisance nonetheless. Sealing cracks and points of entry can help keep them out of your house.

If you have a persistent or severe fly problem, don't wait to take action. Contact licensed exterminators to inspect your home and create a customized treatment plan. According to IBISWorld, as of 2023, in the United States, there are just over 167,000 people employed in the pest control industry. Finding the right exterminators for the job is crucial. Contact our team today to inquire about pricing or to schedule an appointment.

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