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3 Types of Businesses That Are at Risk of Pest Infestations

October 22, 2023

When you own a business, it's important to keep your employees and customers safe from the diseases that pests and rodents carry. According to Consumer Affairs, in the U.S., mosquitoes, termites, and ticks are the three most common pests that pose a significant threat to people. Here are a few examples of businesses that require regular pest control services to keep unwanted visitors like these at bay.

1. Restaurants or Anywhere That Serves Food

Bugs and other pests love food. If you have a food service business, you're likely familiar with all the ways that pests can affect a restaurant. Grease traps, easy access, and lots of food to eat are all factors contributing to pest problems in restaurants. When you notice a pest problem in your restaurant, be sure to call your local pest control team as soon as possible. In addition to treating your current problem, you'll want to schedule ongoing services.

2. Office Buildings

Office buildings are another type of location where pest infestations are common. Because of all the people going in and out of an office building, there's a lot of debris that can be tracked into the building. There are also a lot of places for rodents and pests to hide in these buildings. To help reduce the chance of an infestation, be sure that all holes and cracks in your building are quickly and fully repaired. Regular visits from your local exterminator will also help you keep the problem under control.

3. Retail Shops

The foot traffic in retail stores helps to increase the chance of pests getting into your shop. Regular pest control services can help you eradicate any unwanted critters in your store. You'll also want to have a contractor check all the doors and windows for cracks and broken seals. When your building has any small openings, it's like you're rolling out the red carpet for pests. Keep on top of building maintenance and make sure all trash is disposed of in a timely manner to help minimize the chances of your store experiencing an infestation.

When you need pest control services, you can count on Essential Pest Control. We provide safe and effective extermination services that will eradicate any pest or rodent problem you might have. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and to schedule a service call. We look forward to helping you keep your business pest-free!

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