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Tucson Pest Control at Fair and Affordable Prices

Termite Control Methods

The method for termite control depends on the construction of a home as well as the personal preferences of the homeowner. As one of the top termite companies Tucson depends on, Essential Pest Control offers two types of termite treatment options: conventional liquid treatments or a termite baiting system. With Essential, you can expect the best termite removal service for complete termite control in Tucson.

Liquid Chemical Treatment

When it comes to termite control in Tucson, it’s important to work with a team that uses high-grade products. Liquid termiticides are applied to create chemical barriers around the property which are intended to repel or kill termites that come in contact with the barrier. Liquid chemical barriers are applied around the foundation to repel or kill termites entering a structure. Many termite companies in Tucson choose this technology, as it’s a time-tested proven method for stopping termite activity. This method of treatment is suggested for homes that have standard concrete for exterior patios, have no changes in grade, and have one main slab.

Premise Termiticide

There are a variety of liquid chemical termiticides to choose from. Essential’s product of choice is Premise Termiticide. The Premise advantage is the transfer process. When termites tunnel through the treatment barrier, the chemical material is brought back to the colony and transferred to other termites. Other advantages include a long residual in our dry desert environment and Premise is the least toxic termiticide on the market. Essential can use other products upon customer request.

Premise Advantages

Non-repellent termiticide
Long residual in our dry desert environment
Low toxicity, no odor

Termite Baiting System

Another prevalent method for termite control in Tucson is baiting systems. The Sentricon Baiting System is designed to eliminate all termites attacking the structure. With no termites, barriers become unnecessary.

The Sentricon System is the most advanced baiting system on the market. It works by taking advantage of the continuous foraging behavior of termites and targets their biology. Bait stations containing the new Always Active Recruit HD bait material are placed around the structure. When termites consume the material it is transferred throughout the colony and within a short period of time termites are eliminated. Work with one of the top termite companies in Tucson and enjoy the Sentricon difference!

Sentricon System Difference

Sentricon eliminates entire termite colonies, thus eliminating the need for traditional chemical barriers. No more termites, no more problems. The Sentricon System reduces chemical usage, does not require drilling around the home, and is more effective than traditional liquid barriers.

The process is simple. Stations with bait material are placed around the home. Stations are monitored regularly for maintenance and replenishment of bait material.

Sentricon Advantages

Eliminates the termites
Reduces chemical use & potential exposure
Works on all property construction types
Eliminates the unsightly results of drilling a home
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