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Four Things to Look for if You Think You Have Bed Bugs

July 9, 2024

When you suspect bedbugs may be in your bedroom, it can make it hard to sleep at night. Bed bugs aren’t poisonous, but are a nuisance as no one wants to be bitten up in their sleep or be known as having bedbugs in their home. You want immediate bed bug removal if you think you have them, and here are things to look for to confirm an infestation.

1. Blood Spots

Since bed bugs are known for sucking blood from their victims, they may end up leaving evidence behind. After waking up, do you notice little blood specks on your bed linens? If you know you didn't have a nosebleed or a cut, it may be a sign that bed bugs were at work.

2. Correct Appearance

Do you accidentally mistake a bedbug for something else? According to Pest World Magazine, many people confuse them with other pests, as 84% of pest control professionals were called about a different type of pest before identifying them as bed bugs. An adult bedbug is a pretty small insect about the size of an apple seed. They have an oval flat shape if they haven't recently fed, but may have a more balloon-like appearance after feeding.

3. Bites

One of the more defining ways bed bugs make their presence known is by the appearance of bites. Of course, they're not the only insects that bite. However, if you fall asleep with your skin clear and wake up with what appears to be bumps or a red rash resembling chicken pox, it's likely due to bed bug bites in the night. However, after being bitten, the marks may not always show up on your skin. Some people can have more of an allergic reaction to bedbugs than others.

4. Casings

Bed bugs go through various stages of growth like any other insect. Therefore, you should look for signs of shed skin. If you see small and clear exoskeletons around your bed frame or mattress, it's a sign that you need bed bug removal.

Bed bugs can be a stressful infestation to discover. After all, they only come out at night when you're trying to sleep and can create anxiety unless you get timely bed bug removal. Maintain peace of mind by ensuring you can properly identify these bugs using the tips above. If you do have an infestation, don't hesitate to contact Essential Pest Control today!

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