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Bed Bug Treatment

Don’t mix Bed Bugs and Travel

Bed Bugs and Travel With the holidays vastly approaching so many families are deciding on travel plans. It is time to reserve your airplane ticket and book your hotel for the upcoming festivities. If you are staying at a hotel make sure you stay Bed Bug Free! Bed Bugs are a fact and since they are hitchhikers it doesn’t matter if you stay in a one star or five star hotel. They are brought in […]

Pack Rat

Pack Rats and Cars

Tucson natives often refer to the common Woodrat as a Pack Rat.  This is due to the common behavior of hoarding debris and materials to form nasty nests.  Nests in the desert normally consist of branches, mesquite pods and other debris packed into prickly pear cactus or other dense shrubs.  Unfortunately when these pest find harborage around the home the nest is made of more than twigs.  Nests materials can be made up of an assortment […]

Mosquitoes in Tucson

Tucson Mosquito Control

Late summer and early fall mark Tucson’s mosquito season.  The season coincides with our monsoon weather.  The excess moisture provides breeding sites for many mosquito species.  In Arizona we have 40 different species of Mosquito.  Some of the major species of importance include Aedes Aegypti, Culex Tarsalis, Culex Quinquefasciatus. The importance of these species besides the obvious transfer of vector diseases is that all three will readily reproduce near and around homes.  Aedes Aegypti in […]

Termite Control Tucson

Termite Season in Tucson

In our industry we see termites all year long in all different types of homes. So is there really a season for termites? Yes and No! Not the answer you wanted to hear, right? Unfortunately we have optimal weather conditions that make it easy for termites to be active all year long. There is a common saying in our industry “there are two types of homes in Tucson, those that have termites and those that […]

House Fly

Pest Control for Flies!

The official start of summer is the unofficial start of “Fly Season”.  With over 120,000 species, the order Diptera (flies) is the fourth largest order in the class Insecta.  In the USA, we are “lucky” to only have around 16,000 indigenous species and every barbecue seems to attract every one of them to our yard or deck!  They range from the beautiful Striped Horse Fly, to the bizarre Stalk-Eyed Fly and can be among the most […]

Tucson Pest Control

How to Kill Black Widows

When you think summer in Tucson, pest control problems with Black Widows is not the first item at the top of the list.  Summertime usually means getting ready for vacations, finding the family slip and slide, or doing chores around the house.   The message is look before you reach when getting items from your garage or shed in Tucson. Black Widow spiders typically inhabit areas that are dark and seldom disturbed.  Garages and storage sheds […]


Scorpion Control – Can I do more?

Residents of Tucson and the surrounding areas understand that Scorpions are a major pest problem. It helps explain why there are so many pest control companies in Tucson. However, even with a regular pest control service, an occasional Scorpion can still show up in the house. Scorpions naturally present several challenges to the pest control operator. One of the hardest difficulties to overcome is the Scorpion’s cuticle (or skin) on their exoskeleton is more durable […]

Tucson Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control Tucson

Bed Bug Control Tucson Remember the old phrase, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Bed Bugs having been biting and feeding upon humans since the dawn of time. Early writings indicate Bed Bugs have been prevalent during the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman empires. In the United States Bed Bugs were a prevalent pest until the development of modern synthetic insecticides during World War II. This pest was thought to be virtually […]

Termite Control Tucson

Termite Service in Tucson

Termite Service Every wonder what to look for when dealing with Subterranean Termites? We deal with Subterranean Termites they are the most destructive insect in the world. In the United States they do billions of dollars in damage. Termiticides do not last forever and depending on your slab type termites can come in through the stem wall, expansion joint, crack in the slab, or plumbing. Typical evidence of termite activity is identified by the mud […]

Professional Pest Control

Professional Pest Control Pest Control Tucson has four seasons and they are:  nice, warm, hot and I think I am going to melt it is so hot. But what does this mean in the insect world for pest services? It means that insects are active all year long. There is no insect that is gone or disappears for a three month period during the winter. There are months in the pest control service industry we […]

Bee Removal Tucson

Bee Activity in Tucson

There has been a lot of Bee activity so far this spring.  We have been getting a lot of calls for both swarms and hives.  A swarm is a group of Bees looking for a place to build a hive.  A hive is a colony of Bees with comb and brood. Bee problems happen spontaneously.  Bees often infest properties with these two things in common: Excessive foliage: A high percentage of Bee problems we address […]

Commercial Pest Control Service

Cockroach control is a must when it comes to commercial pest control service. Cockroaches live in a wide range of environments. Cockroaches adapt readily to a variety of environments, but prefer warm conditions found within buildings. Some species are capable of remaining active for a month without food and are able to survive on limited resources like the glue from the back of postage stamps. General preventive measures against household pests include keeping all food […]

Spring Pest Control

Spring Pest Control Tucson

Spring Pest Control Spring is a great time of year for service from a local pest control company.  Spring Pest Control can keep insect problems that have not yet spun out of control at bay, and can make it is easier to prevent them.  Pests become more active in spring because the night time temperatures increase.  Many insects begin their reproductive cycles in the spring.  As their numbers increase, so do scorpions and spiders.  These […]

Residential Pest Control

Pack Rats Moving in This Winter

Winter is a wonderful time of year in Southern Arizona. When the topic of Pest Control comes up, rodents become a big issue for this season. Rodents, such as the mouse and the Pack Rat are very active in the nighttime hours. As nightly temperatures decrease and food becomes scarce, rodents tend to move into structures. There are various methods of rodent prevention that can be done to the average home. Among the most effective […]

Tucson Bee Removal

Bee Removal in Tucson

Africanized Honey Bees were introduced into Southern Arizona in the early 1990s.  These bees are very beneficial to our environment because they are excellent pollinators.  However, Africanized Bees are known to be very aggressive and relentless when their hive is disturbed. The spring season in Southern Arizona is the beginning of a new life cycle for the Africanized Bees.  Established colonies produce an influx of worker Bees and several new queens.  These new bees will […]

Tucson Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

“Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” You have probably heard this old saying thinking Bed bugs weren’t real or something of the past. Who would have thought this common saying would become a reality again in our lifetimes. Experts are blaming increased world travel, pesticide resistance, and the poor awareness by the general public for the Bed bug resurgence. These small, blood-sucking insects are great hitch hikers and can be unknowingly transported into […]

Weed Control Solutions

It’s that time of year when Weeds are everywhere. Weeds are popping up in the front, back and side of  yards. Not only are they unsightly, it also takes a chunk of time out of your day to pull them. Are you tired of pulling weeds? Would you rather skip the yard work and spend quality time with your family? What could you be spending your time doing, if you did not have to do […]

Bed Bug Steam Treatment

In the past few years Bed Bug problems have been becoming an everyday occurrence in Tucson. They have been found in Hotels, Motels, Residential Homes, Commercial Properties, Schools, Hospitals and even, Movie Theaters. Bed Bugs are a reddish-brown mahogany color and their bodies are flattened an oval shaped. Adults are 1/4″ to 5/8” long and up to 1/8” wide. They appear shiny when seen. Bed Bugs are a parasite that is looking for its next […]

Termite Baiting with the Sentricon System

Termite baiting with the Sentricon System is the most advance Termite baiting system on the market. It works by taking advantage of the continuous foraging behavior of Termites and targets their biology. Bait stations containing the new Always Active Recruit HD bait material are placed around the structure. When Termites consume the material it is transferred throughout the colony and within a short period of time Termites are eliminated. Termite Baiting product demonstration by Chad […]

T Rex Rodent Traps

Do you have a rodent problem? From field mice to pack rat issues we can take care of it. Rodents carry many different diseases such as rabies and the dreaded Hantavirus. They can have worms, mites, fleas, and are socially unacceptable. One of the top complaints we hear is that rodents will chew the wires in a vehicle and nest in the engine compartment and this can cost a chunk of change to repair. We bait […]