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Rodent Removal & Control

Southern Arizona is the home of the pack rat and many other nuisance rodents. Small animals can cause big problems. Rodents are known for many annoying habits and others that are outright dangers to people. That’s why you need a professional team you can trust for pack rat removal and mice control in Tucson. When you need Tucson rodent control, work with the team at Essential Pest Control.

Familiar problems:

• Gnawing of electrical wires including cars, outdoor spas, RV’s, and other motors.
• Chewing and damage of outdoor furniture, boxes, and other stored items.
• Burrowing and mounding creating sinkholes and tripping hazards to people,
   horses, and pets.
• Spreading of parasites and disease. Including excessive feces around the home.
• Eating your pet’s food or getting into stored goods.
• Packrats creating massive dens of debris.

Regardless of the problem, our trained experts have the experience and solutions for pack rat and mice removal in Tucson.
We Provide:

• Live & traditional trapping
• Rodenticides and bait-stations
• Home exclusion work
• Pack rat removal in Tucson
• Gopher control
• Ground squirrels

A good rodent control program starts with a thorough inspection. We will ID the rodent, behavior, pressure, activity, and desired outcome of the client. Then a customized plan for your specific needs is created, starting with the obvious elimination of the rodent or rodents. We then address conducive conditions that caused the initial problem. We can correct and reverse the damage caused, like den and debris removal. Lastly, we provide preventative maintenance to limit future rodent activity. Give us a call to learn more about the rodent removal service that we offer.
pocket gopher Pest Control Services in Tucson

Exclusion, Den Removal, Clean Up, and Trimming

Due to the obtrusive nature of rodents, the damage and mess left behind is often worse than the actual infestation. Our services include correcting the mess.

Exclusion - Sealing up openings and closing insect entry points is a crucial part of Rodent Control. This could include openings around pipes, bird boards, garage door seals, door sweeps, J-trims, and branches hanging over or touching roofs.

Den & Debris Removal – Essential has trailers, shovels, and equipment for the hard labor of removing dens and debris. We are equipped to haul away trimmed branches, cacti, damaged goods, and other debris harboring pests.

Commercial Service Available - No rodent job is too big! We have experience with schools, parks, HOA communities, and more.

When it comes to rodent species like gophers and ground squirrels, they can infest massive areas covering many acres. We can drastically reduce rodent populations over vast areas. We can even use methods that don’t require rodenticides. We have the equipment and expertise to exterminate these rodents, often underground in their own burrows. To get started with a high-quality rodent removal service, contact Essential Pest Control today.

T Rex Rodent Traps

Do you have a rodent problem? From field mice to pack rat issues we can take care of it. Rodents carry many different diseases such as rabies and the dreaded Hantavirus. They can have worms, mites, fleas, and are socially unacceptable.
One of the top complaints we hear is that rodents will chew the wires in a vehicle and nest in the engine compartment and this can cost a chunk of change to repair. We bait and trap to keep your home and yard rodent free.
Essential Pest Control's technician installing a rat trap
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